By Fr. Paolo Dall'Oglio

A nos chers amis à l’occasion des fêtes pascales 2012

Traduction de l’arabe

La fête de Pâques revient après une année de souffrances indescriptibles, imprévisibles et inimaginables pour la majorité d’entre nous. Malheureusement, ce que nous avions écrit à la même occasion il y a un an s’applique encore à la situation actuelle de notre malheureux pays. Nous avions alors exprimé notre solidarité avec les victimes du conflit et notre participation à l’attente de ceux qui espéraient une profonde réforme de la Syrie sans tomber dans la logique de la violence, et nous craignions l’explosion d’une guerre civile et la perte de l’unité nationale. Le malheur nous a atteint et nous craignons le pire.

To our dear friends on the occasion of Easter 2012


Translation from Arabic

Easter comes after a year of untold suffering, unpredictable and unimaginable for most of us. Unfortunately, what we wrote on the same occasion a year ago still applies to the current situation of our unhappy country. At that time, we had expressed our solidarity with the victims of the conflict and our participation in the expectation of those who were hoping for a deep reform of Syria without falling into the logic of violence, and fearing the explosion of civil war and loss of national unity. Misfortune has reached us and we fear the worst.

A Syrian Call


The 18th of July 2011

Very dear friends,

In this letter we ask, by increasing importance, for money, commitment and prayer.

Let’s describe the whole situation, first.

Appel syrien

18 Juillet 2011

Très chers amis,

Dans cet appel nous demandons, par ordre d’importance croissant, de l’argent, de l’engagement et vos prières.

Nous souhaiterions, pour commencer, vous mettre au courant de la situation.

The Prayer of an Islamic-Christian Heart

المسيح عيسى ابن مريم اغفر لي أنا الخاطىء وارحمنا

“Christ, Isa Son of Mary, forgive me, the sinner, and have mercy on us”

The Prayer of the Heart, also known as the Prayer of the Name of Jesus, can be traced back to the early Christian communities. According to St. Paul, we should “pray without ceasing” (Thessalonians 5: 17).

The Synod for the Middle East: Considerations from the Desert

My comments presented here are based upon the reflections given by the Monastic Community of Deir Mar Musa el-Habashi in Syria to the Lineamentaprepared for Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Middle East, which I consider still to be important, even after publication of theInstrumentum Laboris, I present them here, together with the text I wrote on the basis of my impressions of the latter, after our discussions in London. I would wish to stress here that the Lineamenta and the Instrumentum Laboris are both full of interesting insights. However, our role here is not simply to reiterate them, but rather to state what we think is either missing or insufficiently emphasised. Our approach is always intended to be constructive, even when critiquing the documents.

Ivo Saglietti, Under the Tent of Abraham

Dear Ivo,

At long last, the book is a reality… thanks to you and thanks to Francesca and Mario Peliti!




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