Lettera agli Amici di Deir Mar Musa 2016


I will have mercy and not sacrifice!”   (Hosea 6, 6;  Matthew 9.13)   

With these words, the Bishop of Rome, Francis, began his discourse on the occasion of Lent 2016, saying:  “In the bull of indiction of the Jubilee, I gave out this invitation so that Lent in this Jubilee year might be lived more internally as a strong moment to celebrate and experience the mercy of God.” (Misericordiae Vultus, 17).  He went on to add that “the mercy of God is in fact an announcement to the world:  but every Christian is called upon to make experience of this mercy in the first person.”


Lettera agli Amici di Deir Mar Musa 2016

Letter to the Friends of Deir Mar Musa Christmas 2013

Sister Houda Fadoul

Every time I try to write these lines to you, our dear friends, I am confused, because the words betray me and do not help me to convey the bitterness that is in my heart: The confusion that occupies my mind because of the pain and sadness for what we experience in our dear country, Syria. The love of homeland in me is strong and deep, which opens a wound in my heart and I find no remedy for this other than prayer, as many Syrian do these days.